Dano Currie

Dano Currie has been developing his knowledge and skills in many computer-related roles for decades.

He's spent the last 8 years focusing on applying IBM Software solutions to the business and technical needs of a variety of clients large and small. He's developed expertise described in:

Areas of Expertise

As part of that work he's also continued to explore and develop his knowledge and expertise in:

Operating Systems

Installing, configuring tuning and networking RedHat LINUX, Microsoft Windows 7 and Windows 2008 Server virtual hosts together using VMWARE Workstation technology to virtualize a set of hosts in a Microsoft Active Directory domain.

Database Management Systems

Installing, configuring and tuning IBM DB2 and Microsoft SQL Server Relational Database Management Systems to server as repositories for several of the IBM Software solutions.

Web Servers

The IBM Rational Jazz products recommend the IBM WebSphere Application Server as the web server for deployed CLM solutions. Installing, configuring and bonding WebSphere Application Server V7 and V8 to Microsoft Active Directory domains is a procedure that should be of common interest to clients.

Prior Work

In past engagements, Dano was a System Integrator who specialized in designing and implementing Network and Systems Management (NSM) solutions for complex projects including a soft switch for Voice over IP and a NSM design that was deployed and operational for over 9 years.

He participated as central quality assurance, central support trainer and trouble shooter for the deployment of two different brand-new (at the time) UNIX-based offerings by two different computer manufacturers.

He continues to be excited about developing deeper technical expertise and looks forward to the opportunity to assist you in elevating the quality and efficiencies of your enterprise in a number of disciplines and knowledge domains.