Rational Collaborative Lifecycle Management

Modern Information Technology projects include a range of experts who require coordinated efforts, rapid and accurate information sharing and a high degree of communication and coordination to deliver the highest-quality products, services and results demanded in today's marketplace. The IBM Rational Collaborative Lifecycle Management solution offers the opportunity to organize and manage a team of individuals who contribute in a range of expertise to a project.

Setting up such projects, creating the templates and structure needed to support a coordinated projects and mentoring team members on how to perform using these solutions can make the difference between rapid adoption and high productivity and the alternative.

We Offer

We offer services to help you implement IBM Rational Collaborative Lifecycle Management technology for your enterprise including assisting you design project structure, customize detailed information management, install and configure the IBM Rational Collaborative Lifecycle Management solution verify that your Rational products can successfully support your project needs and train and mentor your people in adopting these techniques.