Reporting Technology

Communicating the requirements, specifications, architecture, design, test results and team performance are key capabilities to support collaboration in an enterprise. Further, in order to provide good governance and superior decision-making, reporting accurate, timely information is key. Lastly, satisfying regulations and proving compliance often is supported by reports.
We consult on implementing IBM Rational Requirements data collection and reporting solutions that capture a wide range of information and combine that into high-quality, high-value reporting solutions to meet your needs.

Capturing a wide range and high volume of information during the execution of projects and initiatives results in the need to combine that data meaningfully. Moving to common repositories and more integrated project participation improves an organizations ability to execute. However continuous improvement is derived from superior analysis of the enterprises performance from many different perspectives. The implemented solutions provide a range of reporting capabilities. In addition, cross-repository reporting solutions are available.

We Offer

Expert advise on how to select, implement and derive benefit from the best combination of reporting solutions to meet your needs.